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Holiday Schedule

The following days are designated as official holidays to be observed by Embassy Kuwait during 2016.

Emergency contact at the bottom incase of Embassy Holiday Closure.

Holiday Actual Day Post Holiday
New Year's Day Jan 1 (Fri) Jan 3 (Sun) AH
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday Jan 18 (Mon) Jan 17 (Sun) AH
President's Day Feb 15 (Mon) Feb 14 (Sun) AH
Kuwait National Day Feb 25 (Thurs) Feb 25 (Thurs) LH
Kuwait Liberation Day Feb 26 (Fri) Feb 28 (Sun) LH
Ascension Day May 5 (Thurs) May 5 (Thurs) LH
Memorial Day May 30 (Mon) May 29 (Sun) AH
Independence Day July 4 (Mon) July 4 (Mon) AH
*Eid Al-Fitr July 6-7 (Wed-Fri) July 6-7 (Wed-Thurs) LH
Labor Day Sep 5 (Mon) Sep 4 (Sun) AH
*Eid Al-Adha Sep 11-13 (Sun-Tues) Sep 11-13 (Sun-Tues) LH
Islamic New Year Oct 2 (Sun) Oct 2 (Sun) LH
Columbus Day Oct 10 (Mon) Oct 9 (Sun) AH
Veteran's Day Nov 11 (Fri) Nov 13 (Sun) AH
Thanksgiving Day Nov 24 (Thur) Nov 24 (Thur) AH
Birthday of Prophet Mohammed Dec 11 (Sun) Dec 11 (Sun)
Christmas Day Dec 25 (Sun) Dec 25 (Sun) AH

Religious holidays in Kuwait are subject to change as they are governed by the lunar calendar and exact dates must be confirmed by religious authorities.

Emergency Contact

After business hours, U.S. citizens in Kuwait with true emergencies should contact +965-2259-1001 and your call will be directed to the Duty Officer.

In the event of a true life or death emergency, such as an arrest, death, or victim of a crime, U.S. citizens may call +965-2259-1583 during business hours. This number is not to be used for visa inquiries, appointment requests, or other non-emergency matters. Please use the appropriate email address for all other inquiries.

The Office of Overseas Citizens Services (OCS) at the Department of State in Washington, D.C., is the point of contact for family members in the United States who are concerned about a U.S. citizen family member abroad. You can reach OCS 24 hours a day by calling 1-888-407-4747 or 1-202-501-4444.